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CYA Powder Coating is driven to stay ahead of the technology curve for the betterment of our process.

The act of sending electrostatically charged powder particles toward a grounded metal part hasn’t changed much over the years. The powder material still passes through an energy field emitted by the spray gun and receives an electrostatic charge all while being projected toward the grounded object, typically hung on a rack. Using the electrostatic charge, the powder clings to the metal part until it is cured at the required temperature in an oven where it is transformed into the desired tough and durable coating.

Good transfer efficiency still relies heavily on factors outside of the gun. Parts need to be hung in a stable and repeatable way so that the powder coating technician can apply the material in a consistent manner. The racks have to be cleaned of previously cured powder coating overspray to ensure a solid ground. The powder coating technician also has to maintain appropriate gun-to-part distances based on the parts to be sprayed.

What has changed over the years is charge control technology that helps to provide better material coverage, even with challenging powder chemistries. More specifically, these are the metallic and special-effect powders that are harder to apply and control with older spray application technology.

New technology that allows the technician to fine-tune current settings below 10 microamperes better directs the highly chargeable powders, such as the metallics; makes them easier to apply; and eliminates rejects caused by application errors. These precise adjustments avoid overcharging of the powder, which often reveals itself as “orange peel,” an unwanted textured and inconsistent film thickness on the part.



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