Yay Friday!

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Yay Friday!


Hello Friday. We’ve worked long and hard to see the end of this week!

Thank you so much to all of the customers that brought in new projects and a special thank you to the valued customers that continuing to bring in business. We truly appreciate you. CYA Powder Coating LLC coated 4 sets of furniture, 1 race car, 6 sets of rims, 6 art projects (ranging in size and quantity.), amongst sample projects and in house fabrications. I mean we were coating…… woooooh!

In the midst of all of this going on I, Levi the CEO of CYA Powder Coating LLC, have had some time to reflect on the last 10 years in business. That’s RIGHT, we are celebrating 10 years incorporated in the powder coating business here in Tampa Bay. We started out with humble beginnings and we have really postured ourselves among the greats in the custom powder coating industry. CYA was first involved in the building and installing of powder coating which implored us to start our own finishing company.

After 10 years we must be doing something right! Our customers are loyal and our employees are happy. We really are a happy family. This makes the necessary possible. Without this tight knit crew CYA Powder Coating would be your everyday, run of the mill, cookie cutter company. But we are the farthest removed from that notion. We take pride in people bringing in their friends to show them the place that brought their baby back to life, whether it was a classic car, motorcycle, or even an old sculpture. They are proud that we did them right and that is why we are here and will continue to base our processes and principals on that, Integrity. Without that we lose.

Image result for excelenceCYA Powder Coating is here to “Cover Your Assets” and we firmly stand by that. Oh sure we run into the inevitable from time to time with a tricky project, but we do what it takes to make the specifications and build satisfaction in our client retention.

With all this being said thank you again and thank you for your interest and trust in CYA Powder Coating LLC. We will continue to exceed your expectations for the next 10 years in powder coat application.

Have an exquisite weekend!


Levi A. Lingenfelter



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6 months ago
My Modern Met

Wow! This is pretty amazing, I had to share this!

None of these balloons 🎈 are real. Believe it or not, they're all graffiti! (🎨 Huge art)

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