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   Founded in 2007, CYA Powder Coating LLC is a family-owned business that’s grown to regional leadership thanks to a customer-centered business philosophy and continual investment in
knowledge, technology, and process improvement.

   In 2009, we increased the size of our facility in response to customer demands.  Our High-volume production line provides capacity for consistent, reliable, efficient control of small- or large-volume runs in both ferrous and nonferrous substrates. We implement industry-changing technologies and we continue to keep a trained eye on new and emerging ideas that can improve processes, production, quality, and cost. Which translates to a better return on investment for our clients.

   Our emphasis on meeting the most stringent customer requirements is how we’ve become a preferred resource for global giants like Volkswagon Group, Oshkosh, Bausch and Lomb, and more.

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Meet the Team

CYA Powder Coating LLC could not and would not be the company it is with out these key players. They have dedicated themselves for well over the last 10 years to learn, certify, and empower the life blood of CYA Powder Coating LLC. They are the one that cover CYA’s assets.

Katrina Lingenfelter

Founder & Owner

Katrina came from a financial background with Bank of America. She started the company with her kids to ensure a positive movement towards the betterment of all of our lives. It’s what a Mama bear does, looks out for her cubs.

Levi Lingenfelter

Partner & CEO

Levi has been an operational manager for all aspects at CYA for the entire life of the company. He is extremely excited about new technology in the powder coating world. He loves taking risk and big rewards are his appetite. He’s the go to guy for powder knowledge.

Jessica Jablon

Partner & CFO

Jessica has a head for the numbers. She has been the frontline for all matters financial in CYA since the inception. She is hunter of the good deals and loves to save a buck. She is a powerful voice for the advocacy of the environment.

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Need more information on CYA and it’s capabilities? Do you have a project you need quoted? Are you looking for a specific color? Hit the button and we will be more than happy to help!

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