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Powder Coating

CYA Powder Coating is a full service parts preparation and powder coat application facility. We’re ready to help!

Part Preparation

CYA Powder Coating provides in house coating removal and sand/media blasting. How can we help?

Variety of Colors

CYA Powder Coating is available to an extensive inventory of colors (Gloss levels, textures, and purpose).

Pick Up & Delivery

CYA Powder Coating can prep, coat, package, pick up, deliver, assemble, design, fabricate, and etc.

New Technology

CYA Powder Coating is driven to stay ahead of the technology curve for the betterment of our process.

Metal Fabrication

CYA Powder Coating has full metal fabrication capabilities. Ask for details!

Our Portfolio

Recent News

April 2018

  April 1, 2018 – April Fools Day / Easter April Fools’ Day has been observed for centuries although its origins remain unclear.  It has been suggested that in ancient Roman and Hindu cultures, the day originally marked ‘New Year’s Day’.  Although in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued the Gregorian calendar which moved New Year’s

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March 2018

  Mar 11, 2018 – Daylight Saving Time Starts When local standard time is about to reach Sunday, March 11, 2018, 2:00 am clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 11, 2018, 3:00 am local daylight time instead. Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour later on Mar 11, 2018 than the

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The Start to A Great year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018! I am so excited to announce that we have many new events we are hosting this year! One of my FAVORITES are going to be the Morning Pick Me Up Breakfast Drive Thru’s. I know, you’re probably like… drive thru? But yup, I said it. Now to

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The CYA Crew

They say that you are the equivalent of the 5 people you hang around with the most. Well then I am honored to be surrounded by these individuals! They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, the good thing is what one is inept at the other helps to implore progress. We couldn’t ask for

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Ohhhh Sundays…

Oh Sundays…. I truly relish you. Its the one day a week that is normally reserved for reflection, refreshment, and planning. It’s a time where family is able to take a minute and appreciate each others company. Whether you are enjoying a great sporting event or a classic movie or even outside enjoying mother nature.

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We aim to please!

With all the different projects coming in our door way we have really had to flex our minds to give the customer what they want. CYA is not afraid of a challenge, that’s for sure. But we have had some really trying projects. Our Team has seemed more focused than ever to provide the best quality as

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Hello Friends

We have so many different projects going on here at CYA Powder Coating. Keep checking back for our events, specials, and new technology we are implementing. Super excited about the end of this year and the coming 2017. Big announcements and even better coating quality. Come check us out for your next coating project! Thanks

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Powder Coated Tuff

Powder Coated Tuff    Thanks for the continuing interest in CYApowdercoating.com We have had numerous individuals call, text, and email us there completed projects and we are doing our best to update the project pictures. Hit the follow/like button on our social media pages to get up to date project info.    We look forward to

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Yay Friday!

Hello Friday. We’ve worked long and hard to see the end of this week! Thank you so much to all of the customers that brought in new projects and a special thank you to the valued customers that continuing to bring in business. We truly appreciate you. CYA Powder Coating LLC coated 4 sets of

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What Our Clients Say

I was brand new to the powder coating on marine applications process. CYA not only educated me on their process but was able to help cut cost on my manufacturing and finishing time. Awesome Job CYA Powder.

Villio Eng

( Scott Villio )

Levi @ CYA Powder Coating was a fantastic instructor for our scouts. He not only peaked their interest I think he may have made some reconsider their career paths. Thanks again CYA and crew!

Troop 404

( Pack Leader )

CYA powder coating helped me black out my entire jeep. Anything that could get powder coated, did! They were fantastic even save me some cash with the in-house fabrication. Thanks again brothers.

Cody Meyers

( Bad Mudder )

CYA Powder went way out of their way to make sure all my parts were coated to my specs. I wanted custom colors to match all my stock color. Perfectly executed. Now my bike is a true thing of beauty. CYA is a class act and I highly recommend them.

David Foxx

( Happy Motorcycle Owner )

I had a last minute costume idea and no time. I needed some fancy colors and they did it. Levi and Jessie were totally awesome on this project. They helped me with my magically powder coated fairy wings. Thanks CYA!

Kylie Shepard

( Satisfied Fairy )

We needed a anti-microbial coating for our sneeze guards and CYA was amazing. They were able to match our color specs and process an additive for our needs. Not to mention their very quick turnaround time. Terrific job, Cheers!

English Mfg Inc.

( Abbi Hendrix/Process Mgt. )

Utmost professionalism. We process a rather large amount of parts and CYA surpassed our expectations on all processes. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with them.

Deutsche Telecom

( Alvin Bradesmen/Executive Partner )

Our Team

Ashley Burroughs

( Social Media Manager)

Mike Thomas

( Sales Manager)

Jessica Jablon

( Chief Financial Officer)

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